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The Kalahari's Table Mountain

Waterberg (Afrikaans: water mountain) is a massive table mountain east of Otjiwarongo in the northern reaches of central Namibia. It is about 50 km long, up to 16 km wide and rises from the plains of the Omaheke, as this part of the Kalahari is known, to a height of up to 200 metres. This natural barrier often intercepts clouds, causing them to release their moisture.

  • Waterberg

    A paradise of plant life on the southeast slope of the waterberg

  • Waterberg

    Kolks on the plateau of the Waterberg after a rainfall

  • Waterberg

    The southwestern tip of the Waterberg after the first rainfalls

The mountain’s upper layer consists of red sandstone which is porous and absorbs rainwater like a sponge. The base, on the other hand, is impermeable rock with a slight gradient from west to east. On the south-eastern slope water therefore escapes along this layer in the form of several springs - even during the dry season from May until September. Hence the mountain’s very apt name. One of the springs bubbles at the end of the Waterberg Wilderness valley and provides delicious drinking water. It also feeds the swimming and plunge pools for the guests and the watering places for the game.

Waterberg is famous for the nature reserve established on the plateau in 1972. Waterberg Plateau Park is the home of game such as buffalo, white and black rhino, giraffe as well as eland, roan and sable antelope, and it borders directly on Waterberg Wilderness.

At Waterberg Wilderness you can explore the wonderful world of the Waterberg up and close on a guided plateau hike or on your own on well-demarcated hiking trails.