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Private Nature Reserve at the Waterberg

Route tips

  • Waterberg Wilderness Route tips

The private nature reserve Waterberg Wilderness is situated on the D 2512 gravel road, 28 km from the turn-off leaving the C 22 tarred road.


  • Waterberg

Waterberg (Afrikaans: water mountain) is a massive table mountain east of Otjiwarongo in the northern reaches of central Namibia. It is about 50 km long, up to 16 km wide and rises from the plains of the Omaheke, as this part of the Kalahari is known, to a height of up to 200 metres. This natural barrier often intercepts clouds, causing them to release their moisture.

Nature Conservation

  • Waterberg Wilderness Nature Conservation

Starting in the year 2000, the 3,500 ha (35 km²) farm was gradually transformed into the Waterberg Wilderness nature reserve. Internal fences, which subdivided the former cattle farm into so-called camps (grazing plots), were dismantled and dense bush was cleared from large areas in the valley and on the east plain of the Waterberg.

Flora & Fauna

  • Waterberg Wilderness Fauna & Flora

The special appeal of our nature reserve is attributed to the variety of landscapes and habitats: the plateau of Waterberg Mountain, the sheer sandstone cliffs, the lush vegetation on the slopes, the sheltered valley and the open plain on the border of the Kalahari. Each habitat offers special conditions for plants and animals. Flora and fauna is therefore characterized by an amazing diversity.


  • Waterberg Wilderness History

Many traces prove that San (Bushmen) and Dama(ra) lived in the valley of Waterberg Wilderness for centuries - mostly because of the spring at the upper end, which naturally attracted plenty of game.