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Experience the world of the Waterberg

Hiking, game watching, breathing in history or just enjoying the peaceful scenery – there is something on offer for each of our guests. Saying good-bye is often accompanied by “We should have booked another night.”

"Plateau Hike"

  • Waterberg Wilderness Plateau Hike

mornings, 2-3 hours

Your hiking guide climbs the plateau with you (approx. 150 m above the plains). He explains plants and animals in the park to you and gives you an insight into the daily life and culture of the Herero people living in this area. Terrific view of the valley or of the plains of the Kalahari.

"Honeymoon Sundowner"

  • Waterberg Wilderness Honeymoon Sundowner

afternoons, 2-3 hours, also for non-honeymooners, booking required

Enjoy your exclusive sundowner on Mount Olympus at the edge of the Kalahari. In the afternoon your guide hikes with you onto the plateau and gives you insights into nature as well as life and traditions of the Herero people.

Rhino Drive

  • Waterberg Wilderness Rhino Drive

afternoons, 2-3 hours

Round trip through the African bush savannah at the foot of the Waterberg. We almost always rub shoulders with rhino. With a little luck you will encounter game such as giraffe, oryx and eland, red hartebeest, blue wildebeest and kudu.

Rhino Tracking

  • Waterberg Wilderness Game Tracking

mornings, 3-4 hours, physical fitness is a must

Doing it like the bushmen. Guided by your tracker you will explore our nature reserve at the foot of the Waterberg and detect game such as oryx or red hartebeest, kudu or giraffe. You might even come face to face with rhino.

Nature Trails

  • Waterberg Wilderness Nature Trails

1 km - 5.3 km

Explore the valley of the nature reserve on your own – on five demarcated trails with viewpoints. Information boards tell you stories about the spring, animals and occurrences. In the "Botanical Garden" on the trails to the spring, small signs introduce trees and shrubs along the path.

History Path

  • Waterberg Wilderness History Path

2.2 km

Take a walk back in history to a site of the Battle of Waterberg (1904) and to a camp for Herero refugees (1906) – events that influence Namibian-German relations till today. Information boards outline and explain the unfolding of the shared history of Herero and Germans.

Please note:

Pre-bookings for the Rhino Drive and the Rhino Tracking are limited in order to make it possible also for our guests on site to decide to join. We therefore recommend that you arrive before 15:00.

Video & Virtual Tours

Waterberg Wilderness Virtual Tours