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"Botanical Garden" in the Waterberg valley
  • Mother-in-law’s tongue is one of the plants typical of the Waterberg flora found in our botanical garden

    Mother-in-law’s tongue is one of the plants typical of the Waterberg flora found in our "botanical garden". Photo: Waterberg Wilderness

Which tree is Namibia’s favourite Christmas tree? Are the tears of the Weeping wattle for real? And what exactly is “mother-in-law’s tongue”? The information boards at the wayside of the hiking trails at Waterberg Wilderness tell short stories about some of the remarkable trees and shrubs found here.

The flora of the Waterberg is said to be one of the most diverse in Southern Africa; Botanists rave about a “hotspot” with over 500 plant species. We want our guests to partake in this variety and beauty – in a sort of botanical garden in the valley of Waterberg Wilderness. Small info boards give the Latin names of plants as well as the common English, German, Afrikaans and Otjiherero names. The boards also provide interesting and entertaining facts.

You will get to know the Namibian Christmas tree, the Sweet Thorn, which gets its common name from the sweet scent of its flowers. You will learn that the tears of the Weeping wattle are actually water droplets secreted by cicadas. And you will smile every time you pass one of those plants who's name actually carries the bad reputation of the mothers a little bit too far...

Honeymoon Sundowner
  • Photo (honeymoon sundowner) – Perfect setting for an unforgettable sundowner

    Photo (honeymoon sundowner) – Perfect setting for an unforgettable sundowner. Photo: Waterberg Wilderness

"The setting sun in your back, the endless plain at your feet and a glass of bubbly in your hand – these are moments we will never forget.” This is how guests of Waterberg Wilderness describe their impressions of the new "Honeymoon Sundowner", which is not only meant for newly weds.

The “Honeymoon Sundowner” took place for the first time this month: Instead of climbing the Waterberg Plateau with other guests of the lodge, you climb it in the company of your spouse or your travel group. Your guide does not only show you interesting plants and animal tracks, but also tells you about the life and culture of the Herero, who live in the area. Snacks and a glass of sparkling wine are served just in time for sundown.

We got the idea for the Honeymoon Sundowner when we were asked for an exclusive, romantic activity for couples on honeymoon. We knew from the start that we could not possibly keep this experience from our “normal” guests and tourists, to whom the tour is open as well. For real honeymooners, however, we have included the one or other little surprise.